The formula to achieve pregnancy naturally on your schedule with expert support.



You are an ambitious woman who has put off trying to conceive to focus on your education and your career. Like everything else in your life, you have planned and executed. So why should preparing to become pregnant be any different? Answer: it shouldn’t. And stopping birth control pills is not a plan.


As a successful woman, you have been focusing on you for the past few decades. You’ve achieved amazing things and it’s time for the next milestone: motherhood!


Now that you would like to start a family of your own, it is hard to know where to turn for advice on how to prepare.


The process of trying to conceive might seem overwhelming based on the stories your have heard from friends and coworkers. You may have tried talking to your OB- which most women do- and walked away with little guidance. Or you might already be trying to conceive and feeling like you could do more to support your efforts. Here’s where your type-A itch to do more comes in.


How can you speed up the process and support your body in this process of “we’re trying?!”


Spoiler alert: Speed is not the goal. A healthy baby and pregnancy is. We’ll get you there.

The Fertility Formula outlines the exact process that I have used in almost a decade of clinical practice and with clients to achieve pregnancy.

As I set out to become pregnant for the first time, I was struck by the lack of great resources for women that are trying to conceive for the first time. I wanted a manual to tell me what I should do to get my body in the best health possible before I became pregnant. When I realized that this manual didn’t exist, I developed a formula for women to follow to not only learn how and what to eat, but also how to learn about their hormones and support their bodies through strategic supplementation.


I am the proud mother of two children who conceived easily and went on to have amazing birth experiences. I’ve been working as a physician for almost a decade with women of all ages to help balance their hormones and believe in their bodies. My years of practice have taught me that although no two women are exactly alike when it comes to balancing hormones and conceiving, there is a basic formula that lays the foundation for success.

The Fertility Formula is for you if….

  • You are coming off birth control pills for the first time with intention to conceive

  • You desire a proactive approach to your fertility

  • You would like to optimize your nutrition to enhance fertility

  • You would like to learn about how your hormones work so you can understand your body and confidently achieve pregnancy

  • You feel like you aren’t sure how to navigate this “we’re trying” process

  • You feel frustrated by the lack of information available to you about preconception planning

  • You have been through fertility treatments without success and need a fresh start

  • You have a diagnosis like PCOS or  irregular cycles and would like to conceive

Not for you if….

  • You don’t feel like you have time to spend on learning best fertility planning strategies

  • You want to keep Googling your symptoms and taking lots of supplements without guidance

  • You are unwilling to change your diet

  • You have a negative mindset

  • Believe assistive reproductive technology is the only answer

Did you know that the eggs that will be fertilized begin developing in your ovaries about three months before conception occurs?


The three month window before you conceive is your opportunity to set yourself up for optimal fertility. 


Each module in the Fertility Formula is a lesson that will build the foundation for fertility.


Take the next 12 weeks of your life to learn and prepare. That’s it.


Your baby is worth it.

Imagine... feeling like you’ve got this process mapped out and your fear around “is this going to work” is washed away by confidence.


Imagine... conceiving quickly


Imagine... understanding your body


Imagine... having an expert and team of women on your side to help you navigate preconception.

As I have worked with women in your shoes over the past decade, I am constantly reminded how little emphasis our current healthcare system puts on empowering and educating women to learn about their bodies and reproductive health.


If you are like me and believe that there is more to planning a family than stopping the pill, you’re in the right place.

By following the The Fertility Formula you will:

  • Have a step-by-step system to follow for the 12 weeks leading up to conception attempts

  • Learn how to eat so that your hormones function optimally

  • Understand your individual hormonal patterns so that you know your body is set up for easy conception

  • Take a holistic approach to your fertility by learning how your digestion, stress, mindset and exercise plays a role in reproductive success

  • Utilize strategic supplementation based on research to achieve optimal fertility and a healthy baby

  • Optimize the quality of your eggs before you try to conceive

  • Be able to decide if a pre-preconception detox is right for you before you try to conceive

Our Loyal Ladies….

“I would refer her to any woman having health concerns in regards to fertility or hormones.” - RC

"I followed Dr. Simms' environmental, dietary, and supplement recommendations for optimal female health. I am now six months pregnant, and have gained additional support/recommendations from Dr. Simms - my pregnancy has been a breeze so far! Looking forward to her help with the dreaded fourth trimester." - JayCee

“I'm in my mid 30's, I am a pediatric therapist,  and I just want to know what I need [ to conceive] and I'm not having to Google 5,000 things and try and piece it together. I like that this is trustworthy information.” 


“As a result of completing the Fertility Formula I feel much more empowered and less anxious about getting older and not having children yet.”


“This program has made me feel much more confident in my role in my own fertility.”

- Sarah H.

“Everything is lacking in preconception planning! OBs don't tell you anything besides "go off the pill 3 months before you want to get pregnant" and "we'll wait to see if there are any problems getting pregnant." Blogs were ok, but having a personalized plan from Dr.  Simms was best.” 


“I'm having a great pregnancy so far, and I think a lot of that has to do with the preconception health plan that Dr Simms laid out for me. “


“I feel super energized, clear minded, and feel that my mood is balanced throughout my pregnancy so far. “ 

-Taylor I.

“Because of the Fertility Formula, my cycle has been more regular with similar symptoms each month, I have felt more in control of my body and how to best treat it, I feel confident that even if we have to go the route of seeing a fertility specialist that I will have more knowledge base to advocate for myself.”  - Samantha R.​

“My experience with Dr. Simms could not have been any better, smoother, and supported - and it's because of her, as a person and a doctor.  - ES​

“Happy to report that I had a trouble-free pregnancy, with none of the usual pregnancy-related symptoms, and without a day of sickness in any shape or form. We opted to have an amniocentesis to make sure the baby was ok, given the surprise and my age [41]. I also passed all the regular tests/checks along the way throughout the pregnancy.”


“I have to thank you sincerely for having such a profound affect on my health and well-being. I am convinced that the changes I made whilst working with you, significantly helped to reverse the symptoms I was experiencing when I first came to see you (3 years ago now). The peri-menopause diagnosis I was given before coming to see you seems redundant now. I stayed active throughout the pregnancy (plenty of hiking!), mainly because I did not feel fatigued at all. Even my postpartum recovery has been easy to deal with.” -Ruby R. 

Here’s exactly what you get with the Fertility Formula:

Our Formula is broken down into four phases along with additional bonuses being added. As a member, you will have access the modules as they continue to evolve based on the latest research.


All of the program materials, which includes audio and video presentations, meal plans, recipes, action tasks, and worksheets are available inside the online membership site.


Support is provided in the Fertility Formula Private Client Facebook group and on group calls. 

The Fertility Formula educational modules include:



What should you eat while you are trying to conceive?

What should you avoid?


There is no one size fits all approach to nutrition. There are quite a few things that lay the foundation of success for hormone balancing and fertility. The nutrition phase will teach you how to eat for fertility, and life. 



What supplements are necessary for fertility?


After you've established a solid nutritional foundation, we will move on to supplement knowledge. Learning what is really necessary and what is not will help you supplement smarter. More supplements are not always better when it comes to fertility. 


Body Knowledge and Hormones

The Fertility Formula empowers you to be in control of your body and hormones. This is the critical piece of education that you must understand in order to successfully conceive. Your hormones, normal ovulation patterns, and fertility awareness tracking are covered -- putting you in the drivers seat. 


Whole Body Health

How does your digestion, stress, exercise, sleep and environmental exposure affect your fertility?


We will walk you though strategies to take control of your whole body health. We believe in a holistic approach to fertility. 

You'll Also Get...

  • Full 30 day meal plan 
  • Pre-Preconception detox guide
  • Bi-Weekly coaching calls
  • ADDITIONAL BONUSES! (Keep reading!) 

Working 1:1 with me to cover the topics included in The Fertility Formula would cost over $3000. This program includes hours of instruction plus bi-weekly coaching calls.


By following The Fertility Formula, not only do you have my support, but you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace. This program is designed  to be simple and convenient.


Join the Fertility Formula and SAVE over 50% off the cost of 1:1 visits.


Here's A Recap Of


When You Join The 'Fertility Formula' Program Today!

  • Over 10 Hours of On-demand Lessons
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • 30 Day Meal Plan And Recipes 
  • Nutrition for Healthy Hormones and Fertility
  • Supplements That Matter
  • Understanding Your Hormones and How They Affect Fertility
  • Set Up Your Gut For Reproductive Success
  • How Stress Can Derail Your Hormone Balance
  • Sleep and Exercise for Optimal Body Composition
  • Environmental Factors That Influence Your Fertility
  • BONUS: You're Pregnant- Now What? 
  • BONUS: Supplement guides for conditions like PCOS, Egg Quality, and Birth Control Support 

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Total Value: $3017

If you are ready to begin your pregnancy journey and want to have your BEST chance for success, then this is the program for you. 

As an experienced holistic physician that specializes in women’s health, I can’t wait to share all the information I have learned about fertility. It is my mission to empower women to feel like they’ve got a road map for conception success.  I want to save you from Google, wasting precious time and money trying supplements that don’t matter, and unnecessary food restrictions. Oh, and most importantly, help you have a baby.


Imagine feeling like you’ve got this planned out too.


While much of life and motherhood is uncertain, you will feel confident knowing that you took action to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time do you recommend following The Fertility Formula before I try to conceive?

2. I have been diagnosed with a hormonal condition. Will your program still work for me as I try to conceive?

3. I have already tried assistive reproductive procedures and failed. Can this method help me conceive naturally or with my next IVF,  IUI, or frozen transfer cycle?

4. Can’t I get all of this information by Googling?

5. Do I have to give up wine, caffeine, gluten and all the food I love?

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